CFIB is coming to HPABA this month!

A special presentation will be held during our General Meeting on Feb 18th by Nick Langley, director of provincial affairs for CFIB in Nova Scotia.

We all know that it is getting harder and harder to make a living in Nova Scotia. Taxes keep going up, the population is getting older, people are moving away and as business owners, we are encountering more and more ‘red tape’ – all of which stifles our ability to run prosperous enterprises. Mr. Langley is here to educate and inform us of what we can do to get through this time.

If you are not familiar with the Ivany Report (Now or Never Report), we encourage everyone to skim through the details. This report reveals the many roadblocks our economy is facing and lays out suggestions on how to overcome them. Many organizations like CFIB use the Report as a guide to help promote, build and encourage businesses like ours.

COST: No Charge
DATE: Thursday February 18th
TIME: 7pm-9pm
LOCATION: Hammonds Plains Community Centre
***New and interested members are welcome!

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