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Syrian refugees: How you can help?

There has been a lot of debate on how an influx of thousands of refugees will affect our lives, our economy, our safety and our taxes. After doing some “googling’, it’s quite clear that opening the doors to the Syrian refugees is a very good thing – especially for Nova Scotia.

If you have a moment, read through some of the links I found. I’ve also included a photo of the Hours of Operation for the Drop Off Centre at the old Rona in Bayers Lake.

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Excerpt from Wikipedia:

One of the most important studies of the economic impact of immigration to Canada is Morton Beiser’s Strangers at the Gate. This study looked at the arrival of the Vietnamese boat people who began to arrive in Canada in 1979 to much controversy. The total number of refugees was 60,000, the largest single group of refugees to ever arrive in Canada. Beiser first studied the boat people upon their arrival, finding that few spoke English or French, that most were farmers with few skills useful in Canada, and that they had arrived with no assets with which to establish themselves. Beiser then followed the progress of the boat people to see what effect they would have on Canada. Within ten years of arrival the boat people had an unemployment rate 2.3% lower than the Canadian average. One in five had started a business, 99% had successfully applied to become Canadian citizens, and they were considerably less likely than average to receive some form of social assistance.





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